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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find many answers to common questions about Xperio UV lenses in our FAQs. If you can't find the answer you need, complete the form below and we'll be happy to assist.

  • What are Xperio UV lenses?

    Xperio UV polarized prescription sun lenses protect against UV damage, glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water for the best vision under the sun.

    How do I know I have Xperio UV lenses?

    Xperio UV lenses are supplied from the manufacturing laboratory with a Xperio UV Certificate of Authenticity (COA) card. To ensure your receipt of genuine Xperio UV lenses, the COA card includes product registration information and a Xperio UV cleaning cloth. If you do not receive these items with your Xperio UV lenses, please consult your Eyecare Professional.

    What are the different Xperio UV color options?

    Xperio UV lenses are available in the Essilor Sunwear Colors range of colors and gradients:

    • Gray Mist
    • Sienna Brown
    • Forest Gray
    • Grape
    • Plum
    • Emerald Blue
    • Gray Mist Gradient
    • Sienna Brown Gradient
    • Forest Gray Gradient
    • Grape Gradient
    • Plum Gradient
    • Emerald Blue Gradient

    Additionally there are 3 classic colors available:

    • Gray
    • Brown
    • Gray-Green
    What are the different Xperio UV mirror options?

    Xperio UV mirrors are available in Gold, Silver and Blue.

    Are Xperio UV lenses heavier or thicker than regular sun lenses?

    No, the treatment that delivers the exceptional performance of Xperio UV lenses is very thin — thinner than a strand of hair. The actual thickness and weight of your glasses is a function of the lens material and prescription.

  • What is UV light?

    Sunlight is the primary source of ultraviolet radiation. UV light comes from all directions, reflecting off surrounding surfaces and creating dangerous exposure.

    Why do I need UV protection?

    UV damage is cumulative and is often irreversible. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can damage the eye. UV light can increase the risks of certain eye conditions and diseases, such as UV-related cataracts, growths on the eye, and even certain skin cancers on the eyelids or around the eye.

    How do I protect my eyes from UV damage?

    Sun damage to the eyes can occur anytime during the year, not just in the summer, so it is essential to wear UV-blocking sunglasses and broad-brimmed hats whenever you're outside. Xperio UV lenses offer the maximum level of protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV light on both sides of the lens. Xperio UV lenses have an E-SPF® index of 50+ and provide 50 times more UV protection than going without eyewear.

    The sun's rays can pass through haze and thin clouds, so be sure to wear UV-blocking sunglasses before going outside during cloudy weather.

    Do not look directly at the sun. Looking directly at the sun at any time, including during an eclipse, can lead to damage to the eye's retina from solar radiation.

    UV damage can happen at any age. Protect the eyes of children as well as seniors with hats and sunglasses.

    What is E-SPF®?

    E-SPF® is a global index rating the overall UV protection of a lens. E-SPF® was developed by Essilor International and endorsed by 3rd party experts. A lens rating of E-SPF® 50+ means that an eye protected by the lens will receive 50 times less UV exposure than an unprotected eye.

    What are the benefits of prescription sun lenses?

    Prescription sunglasses provide protection from the sun and glare and help people see clearly outdoors. Sunglasses can accommodate virtually any type of lens prescription, including progressive prescriptions for people with presbyopia. They are available in a variety of styles and materials. Prescription sunglasses provide clear vision with the added benefit of protection against UV rays. Prescription sunglasses make participating in outdoor activities much easier and safer for your eyes.

    What are the visual benefits of Xperio UV lenses?

    Xperio UV lenses provide the best vision outside by eliminating blinding and distracting glare, resisting scratches and smudges, and making it easy to wipe away dust and water.

    Don’t all sunglasses offer UV protection?

    Almost all sunglasses offer some level of UV protection, but Xperio UV lenses offer the maximum level of protection against the invisible and often irreversible dangers of UV light on both sides of the lens. Xperio UV lenses have an E-SPF® index of 50+ and provide 50 times more UV protection than going without eyewear. Ask your Eyecare Professional to recommend Xperio UV lenses that provide this maximum outside vision protection.

    Why would I wear eye protection when it’s cloudy outside?

    Over 40% of annual UV exposure is received during conditions when people are not in full sunlight and are less likely to wear protection. Complete UV protection on your sunglass lenses can help protect the long-term health of your eyes.

    Why would I need UV on the back side of my lens if it’s already on the front side? Isn’t that enough protection?

    UV light comes from all directions, reflecting off surrounding surfaces and creating dangerous exposure. The back surface of ordinary sunglass lenses has been found to reflect light coming from the back and sides of the lens, increasing UV light exposure to the eyes. Some sunglasses and clear lenses made with higher quality materials block UV light from transmitting through the front of the lens, but they do not address the UV light reflecting off the back side of the lens.

    What are the side effects of UV?

    Premature signs of aging, skin cancer, eye disease, wrinkles and photokeratitis.

  • Can I get Transitions Signature™ with Xperio UV?

    No, Transitions Signature lenses are designed to be a clear lens replacement. Xperio UV lenses are a dedicated outside solution which allow you to have glare-free vision outside, while still providing maximum UV protection and ultimate durability. Please ask your Eyecare Professional what is the best option for you.

    Can I get Varilux® progressive lenses with Xperio UV?

    Yes, Xperio UV No-Glare technology is compatible with most lenses and always compatible on Varilux lenses. To learn more about Varilux progressive lenses, visit

  • How do I clean my Xperio UV lenses?

    The best way to clean your lenses is by first rinsing your lenses under warm, running water to remove any sandy/gritty debris, clean with a mild liquid dishwashing soap to remove facial oils, rinse with water and then dry with a soft cotton cloth. Finish by polishing your lenses with the microfiber Xperio UV cleaning cloth provided to you. You can also use the Xperio UV cloth for touch-up cleaning throughout the day when it is not convenient to wash the lenses. The super hydrophobic properties of Xperio UV lenses facilitate the removal of smudges, dust, dirt and fingerprints easily.

    How do I clean my Xperio UV cleaning cloth?

    Cleaning cloths can be washed on the gentle cycle in the washer or hand-washed. We recommend that you do not use any laundry additives (such as fabric softener) which could leave a residue on the cloth. Ask you Eyecare Professional about purchasing additional cleaning cloths, if needed.

    Can I use alcohol to clean my lenses?

    Occasional use of alcohol on Xperio UV lenses will not be harmful. However, we do not recommend daily use of alcohol.

    What do I do if I have hair spray or paint on my lenses?

    If you cannot remove the hair spray with a mild detergent soap and running water, we recommend taking your lenses to your Eyecare Professional for evaluation and removal of the hair spray or paint from your lenses.

    Can I use a lens cleaner?

    Any commercially prepared lens cleaner formulated to be used with antireflective lenses can be used with Xperio UV lenses.

  • How do I find an Eyecare Professional near me?
    Can I keep my sunglasses in the car?

    It is not advisable to store sunglasses in your automobile (e.g., leaving them on the dashboard of your car), especially in warmer climates. It is potentially damaging to the lenses and to the frame.

    How often should I have my eyes checked and when should I replace my lenses?

    Your eyesight and vision are critical to your overall health and well-being. It is recommended that you have a comprehensive eye exam annually and consult your Eyecare Professional on the best lens option for you. To learn about extending the life of your lenses, read about our Maintenance Advice tips below.

    Are Xperio UV lenses sold in other countries?

    Xperio UV is unique to the United States. This is the U.S. website and the information pertains to products sold in the United States. For information about other countries, visit the global website at