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Polarized vs Ordinary Sunlenses

Xperio UV™ superior polarized sun lenses give you the sharpest vision, offer maximum UV protection, and provide better protection and comfort than tinted or clear lenses.

Ordinary tints can reduce brightness and provide 100% UV protection (if they are properly coated, or depending on the lens material), but only Xperio UV superior polarized lenses eliminate bothersome glare and can offer a superior visual comfort. Clear lenses are definitely not efficient for your outside activities!

People who are frequently out on the water, such as boaters and fisherman, have been feeling the benefits of using polarized sunglasses. These polarized fishing sunglasses, and polarized boating sunglasses, make such a large difference in reducing glare caused by the reflection of sun rays, that other outdoor enthusiasts have started to wear them too. Because of their benefits, many experts say these polarized sunglasses are just as vital your health as sunscreen is to protecting skin.